Wood Destroying Insects

Wood Destroying Insect Inspections

A Wood Destroying Insect (WDI) Inspection is commonly required for a Real Estate transaction. The most common wood destroying insects in Indiana are the Eastern Subterranean Termite, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Powderpost Beetles. Of these the Termite poses the most danger to a home, the structure and contents.

Termites may be the largest single source of damage to the wood components of a home. It is estimated that termites cause 5 billion dollars in property damage each year. A termite infestation can silently destroy the wood structure of a home. Inspection and prevention are the key factors in protecting your investment.

IN Home Inspection, Inc. is an Indiana Licensed Category 12 Wood Destroying Insect Inspector. We can perform a Wood Destroying Insect Inspection for you if you are purchasing a home, or if you are a homeowner who would like the peace of mind and know that your home is free of WDI and the financial impact of an infestation.

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